April 23, 2011

Punjab Sweets

Punjab Sweets
Address: 2b Mason St, DandenongPhone: (03) 9792 1694 
Punjab Sweets is a modestly decked out Indian sweet shop in Dandenong. While the place is named after it's sweet treats, it is the Indian curries that keeps us coming back for more. This is probably where I got my first taste of Indian food many years ago.
They offer take-away or you can eat in at the humble dining section. While the presentation of the eating area leaves a lot to be desired, one must not forget they are there to enjoy the delicious, cheaply priced food, not critique the interior.

It is always fun to stand at the counter, look up at the large yellow menu and make the decision about which mouth watering dish to try that day.

Today we ordered 2 Vegetarian Samosas. At $1.50 each they are an amazing bargain! The samosas were totally delicious, fried to perfection and full of flavour. The second picture below shows all the tasty chunks of potatoes and peas.

We ordered two dishes, one of which was Chicken Curry ($8.50). This was simple but tasty. Unlike the similar flavoured Chicken Masala, this has no chunky pieces of onion or capsicum, it is just chicken and gravy. T loved it.

Palak Paneer ($7) was the vegetarian choice. We asked for extra paneer and there was plenty added. This was tasty too, although T mentioned that the colour wasn't quite right. He said it should be a deeper green colour and have a bit more flavour but I was happy with it.

We ordered 4 Naans ($1 each) to eat with the curries. They were cooked beautifully, spread with a little butter and were served nice and warm.

We have come to Punjab Sweets many times and always leave shaking our heads (happily) at the low price we payed for such a great meal. Today was just the same as usual; we left feeling full, satisfied and with plenty of change in our pockets.

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